History does not deal in ifs and buts. It is there as it happened. It does provide a means to find pathways to solutions to the most intractable problems that we face today. Today’s India and its neighbors are faced with such kind of insurmountable challenges that seem very difficult to overcome. The problems of communalism, terrorism, mixing of religion with state policy, human rights violations, casteism, unstable democracies state sponsored terror and persecution, and a heavily compromised polity to name a few, have not seen any definite path of resolution. In contrast, Azad Hind Movement has established a benchmark and shown a path, at a smaller scale, on how disparate religious, caste and linguistic communities can come together and pursue a common national interest. The concept of majority and minority was irrelevant to the INA. There was a special place for women in the INA. If we have to solve the most intractable problems that we face today, we must take another look at Azad Hind movement, life of Netaji, many of his ideas, and rework individual’s relationship to the state, and foster a new polity all across the independent states of Greater India that will usher in absolute secularism, removal of religion from state policy, lasting peace and prosperity for all. Thus, the need to reclaim the Azad Hind heritage.