Azad Hind Movement played a central role in India’s freedom struggle. British Prime Minister Clement Atlee himself is on record saying that the British left India due to restlessness caused by INA’s campaign in the Indian Armed forces. British feared a repeat of 1857. Thus they decided to leave India. When the British eventually left India, unfortunately, there was no INA to take the reins of power. Those who got the power, managed to divide the country on religious lines. They also made sure to hide the credit that was due to the INA and Netaji. The reasons were obvious. Due to whom the freedom was obtained, now stood disconnected from the shaping of Independent India. Instead, the political power was in the hands of those who did not make any real sacrifices for freedom.  The disconnect between sacrifice and power resulted in huge problems of communalism, divisions, religious hatred and external manipulation. Territory after territory was lost. Tibet was lost to China. To solve the most intractable problems that countries of Greater India face today, we need to rediscover the Azad Hind Heritage.